AK 47 Plus

AK 47 Plus


Guys love guns… And age doesn’t make a difference! Get ready for a proper men’s experience! No water pistols this time around… but REAL cold steel, and the POWER it beholds.

Enjoy a competitive challenge with some of the world’s most famous firearms!* Sounds exciting right?

Each of you will get 33 rounds for the legendary AK-47, a shotgun, .357 Magnum and a 9mm pistol, as well as safety instructions in case it’s your first time.

 Sip on a pint of refreshing Czech beer afterwards, and debate who’s gonna make the best hitman.

* Great news! No restrictions or limitations unlike many countries. All guns are real and of the new generation.

  • Private transfer
  • Guide
  • 4 Guns/33 bullets
  • Round of beer

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