Favourite Hen Party Activities

Prague is getting more and more popular among hen do’s. Since last year the number of hens coming here to have an unforgettable girls’ night out has doubled!

Czech capital is a number one stag destination; it welcomes astounding number of groups every year. Come and join hundreds of thirsty guys hungry for party who come from all around the world to celebrate their friends’ last days of freedom.

As more hen parties fancy Prague as a getaway for their hen party, we offer more and more activities for girls to get the most of their yet unmarried life. It is not difficult for ladies to have a great time: parties, drinks and boys; and there is no such a big distinction in desires and wishes between countries the girls come from.

Before, hen do’s used be very basic and included only the classic elements, such as strippers enhancing the general experience, limo rides, traditional dinners and bar craws. As for now, a giddy variety of unique hen experience is on your fingertips. Just choose what is more appealing to YOUR squad!

What about an strip-dance masterclass in one of the best Prague’s lap dance clubs? Feel yourself like Demi Moore in the film “Stripper” and experience hungry male gazes at your sexy body when rocking the stage.

Learn the basics of cocktail-making! A hot bartender in one of the luxury clubs will teach you the secrets of the best cocktails which you will drink together afterwards.

One of the unbeatable favourites is Beauty Hen Day. Praise your beauty and femininity, relax and enjoy your day in Prague’s top-notch daily spa with your girls!

Hen Chase is another new activity we offer to the future wives. This free of charge Q&A game will challenge ‘the bride to be’ in whatever comes to your mind and will definitely bring a lot of fun to the party.

For extreme lovers there is the whole range of sports and games to engage in: paintball, go carting, clay pigeon shooting, water rafting and much more. The rich variety of activities will challenge any second-rate hen party and turn it into a weekend to remember.

However, if you feel like a lazy weekend is a perfect hen scenario, get a relaxing river cruise with our crazy sexy Max. He knows the approach to all ages; he will show you ‘diamonds in the sky’ and leave you in a speechless euphoria. Beer spa is an ideal way to unwind and calm your overly excited mind after sexy Max’s show. At night get an exquisite czech dinner featuring traditional Gulaš soup or a delicious duck prepared according to the old czech recipe.

Of course, a cherry on a cake is a Bar Crawl. Explore the other, ‘darker’ side of Prague. Dancing on the bar, rocking the pole showing off your skills, bartenders’ live fire shows and much more are here for you! Your guide will take you to the stags’ favourite bars and clubs where you can meet boys from all over the world.

We promise you ‘what happens in Prague stays in Prague even if you wont remember it the next morning.

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