A Step-by- Step Stag/Hen Do Planning Guide

It’s official, Whoohoo! Your best mate is planning the most memorable and life-changing event, the WEDDING! And what a surprise! YOU’ve been assigned to be the best man or a maid of honour.

From now on YOU are the one responsible for the last night of reckless fun free from consequences before you let your friend settle down for a calm family life.

But to make it work, don't forget the key rule, Give yourself plenty of time!

You never know how long will a mere brainstorming take, take into account all the challenges that might slow the organisation process down, and start planning ASAP!

We know how difficult it is to organise Bachelor or Hen party especially if planning is not one of your strengths, or it is a first-ever challenge like that.

You're so lucky! Only today, we give you a super easy, and very detailed guideline on how to plan the best weekend of your life for a minimal financial and psychological cost.

Here we go! A Step-by-Step Stag/Hen Do Planning Guide

Tip 1. Ask the stag/hen who HE/SHE would like to see.

Get in touch with all these people and make sure they have at least somewhat similar interests. You don't want to have people bored or annoyed by any of the activities you come up with. Inform them about the agenda you’ve come up with. If they have any suggestions include them as well. Make the party the best fun for the whole squad!

Tip 2. Figure out the prices everyone is ready to pay.

Include flights, accommodation and all the activities, and divide between all of you. Don't consider spendings on alcohol and food. It is always very individual: some drink beer, others go for spirits and mixers, so that their budget will quite different. 

Tip 3. Decide about the destination.

Prague and Bratislava are perfect for a crazy fun on a low budget. Inexpensive stay, cheap food and drinks, and the activities to have a breathtaking experience.

If you already have explored the other, party side of these two cities, try Munich. The third cheapest getaway for an unforgettable Bachelor or Hen weekend. The 1st favourite German Stag harbour will definitely blow your mind if you come during Octoberfest. Enjoy the best of German culture in a non-stop drinking style.

Tip 4. Decide on the dates.

The most difficult part of the whole organisation process is to agree on the dates that will suit everyone in your crew. Different jobs, schedules.. For instance, teachers hardly ever get any holidays during summer. Same applies to any other full-time employment. Such a pain to get everyone together! Be patient.

If not everyone can make time for the whole holiday, let’s say 3-4 days, it's even enough to come Friday evening and go back Saturday. Or, you can wait for a long bank holiday and not feel guilty about missing work. Do not leave this issue for the very last week. This step has to be taken care of at least couple months before the planned holiday.

Tip 5. Book flights.

Hurry up, prices rise everyday. Don’t procrastinate. As soon as you stumble on some good deal don't think twice. Contact your team, collect the money and book it all yourself. It always works better if you take the lead and make sure everybody makes it to the party. Don’t upset the stag/hen!

Tip 6. The easiest way to do things is to find someone who will do it for you. An agent! It is completely free, you only pay for the activities. 

Just tell us which dates you are planning to come and how long you want to stay. If you have already booked your flights, send us the details so we can meet you at the airport and take you back for your flight home. Tell us the budget you are ready to spend for activities and accommodation, and which kind of the vacation you would like to have. Let it be an ACTIVE holiday full off sport challenges and races. AK-47 tournament and a go-carting competition, a friendly paintball or a football match, you choose! If REST AND LEISURE are the main intentions for your party, as you wish! Relaxing river cruise, beer spa, thai massage, or a traditional dinner: just enjoy the company of your best mates while being abroad! If you want a HOT weekend, the one to be never brought up when back home, that’s our speciality. We know, ‘what happens in Prague, stays in Prague’, and will make sure no one ever finds out about your Czech “adventures”. Sexy girls and super hot guys are here to make your party unforgettable. Hold your breath and get a sexy wake up, party bus with strippers, ‘hot’ river cruises, and best lap dance clubs in the town!       

Let us know, and we will prepare several package options specially for you. What can be easier!?

If you fancy some of them, give us the answer immediately: hotels’ rates are just like flights, always changing. 

Tip 7. Get your stag or hen dressed up.

Crazy outrageous outfits are more than welcome! Malibu lifeguard, or Sumo fighter, whatever comes to your mind. Even cooler it would be if the whole crew stands out. Play with your imagination! Mario Brothers, Ninja turtles, comics characters… You are a team, and you’re here for a reason. Let the others know why you are here!

However, don’t leave it for the last minute, take care of it in advance. Also, we don't recommend you to dress stag as a big dick, it’s so out-dated. Be creative!

Tip 8. Pay with Yesbay.

Now there are many ways to make payments online. You can all pay separately if it’s easier for you, just use Yesbay. It is super simple and very convenient! Your homework though, as the leader, is to check that everyone pays.

The system opens as soon as you choose the desired activities. To avoid possible problems, such as some transactions not being processed and left out, make sure everybody pays at the same time, or you can collect everyone’s share and make a single payment. After the system closes it is difficult to guarantee that all of you will stay together in the same hotel. 

Tip 9. Travel documents.

It does sound like common sense, but please, before coming to the airport double-, even triple-check if you’ve got your passport, wallet and the tickets’ print-outs.

Do not take any expensive clothes or accessories. Many things get lost and broken when you are having a great time. 

Also, don't change the money in your country, as we have better rates here. Your guides will help you finding the best changing spots and give you our VIP rates.

Tip 10. DO make it to the party.

Last, but not the least, assure that nobody gets drunk the day before the awaited holiday and misses the flight. Don't oversleep! No one will wait for you, sleepy heads!

In addition, don't get pissed at the airport, save yourself for Prague. It’s WAY cheaper and more harmless as they can kick you off the flight for a drunk debauch. It happens often. Stag parties are making news. Go check, it’s in the news!

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